Fitting for Friday 13th

A while ago I’d been dividing up who would stay at the castle and support me at night over the next few weeks. Leftwing Idiot said, “I’ll do Friday the 13th – what could possibly go wrong?”

That’s today, and for me it started at 5:30am with a two and a half hour ticcing fit. Poppy was with me and we saw the dawn in together. I already had a sore throat and a throbbing headache from a bad cold I’d caught. Normally when I’ve been under the weather my tics have eased off a bit, and most of the regulars were better today. But my ‘ticcing fits’ have gone in the other direction, right off the scale – doubling the number I have normally.

Having a cold is unpleasant but manageable and my ‘ticcing fits’ are unpleasant but manageable too, but the two together is making life very difficult. Every time I’ve contorted and thrown myself about during the fits it’s made my sore head and aching body much more painful.

Fran’s been supporting me today and we worked from home. She’s been incredibly calm and thoughtful and we were able to get some stuff done in spite of everything.

Leftwing Idiot’s taken over this evening. Neither of us knows what tonight has in store but without being too superstitious, his question just seems to have been tempting fate. Wish us luck.

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