Fluttering Flute Play

The tricky thing about Tourettes is just when you’ve got a handle on it and think your tics can’t get any more difficult or bizarre, BAM! It introduces something even more annoying, painful or strange.

Today’s new tic is straightforwardly ridiculous – miming playing the flute.

Yes, that’s right. My hands have decided that fluttering at one side of my face is the new way they’ll spend their time. This, coupled with my current obsession with screeching ‘Zed-bed!’ at the new collapsible bed my night-time support workers sleep on, is causing a lot of hilarity in the castle.

Leftwing Idiot loves shouting at the bed too and Poppy buckles with laughter at my sudden bursts of silent flute playing. How do my tics respond? “Quick, Poppy’s laughing at Tourettes, tell the Telegraph.”

Tourettes affects every aspect of my day-to-day life. It means I need help with walking, eating and practically everything else, so I’m very rarely alone. But although the impact of my tics may be big, the power of laughter to make them less overwhelming is much bigger.

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