Fat Sister’s ‘Patented Move’

King Russell popped out earlier to pick up some groceries and almost immediately I started having a ‘ticcing fit’. Fat Sister (who’s a doctor and has worked in some of London’s busiest hospitals) said ‘Oh, no, please can you wait ’til King Russell gets back?’

She ran about in circles for a while, fetching the bits we needed, calling this her ‘patented move’. Then she did what she does best in these situations, threw herself on top of me, and that’s the move I think she should patent, even if it’s something only a sister can do.

She said ‘Sorry, I’m a bit less professional and more hung over than your regular carers.’ But despite her slightly unorthodox style I was happy she was there and took care of me so well.

We both ended up giggling, even though I was still fitting while she puzzled over which of my gloves went on which of my hands.

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