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I had a ticcing fit this evening, facing the bookshelf in Leftwing Idiot’s living room. Although his shelves are full of books already, my Tourettes managed to add some new titles to his collection:

“Robert Kennedy I was a Bear, Taking the Blue Peter Badge Out of the Woman”
“Ruminations on a Rollercoaster”
“John Pilger: Bins and Barbara”
“Shark Theory 1900–1990”
“Aesthetics, Tourniquets and Tightropes”
“The Dictionary of Contemporary Ostrich Slang”
“Naomi Klein: The Horse Doctrine”
“Naomi Klein: The Shock Jockey”
“How to Wear a Tabard Pleasingly”
“A View of London from Your Mum’s Bedroom Window”
“How To Talk Rambo Down from a Balcony”
“How To Do a Drive-by Sky dive”
“William Blake and the Chocolate Factory”

Festive outburst
“Who’s headbutting Christmas?”

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2 responses to The Alternative Library

  1. KingRussell says:

    “Ruminations on a Rollercoaster”: Extreme philosophy, “How To Talk Rambo Down from a Balcony”: Extreme psychology.

    There are several of these books I wish I owned, I’ve never been able to make a Tabard work for me so this manual would be extremly useful and I have a lot of trouble talking to todays ostrich youth.

    These are genius!

  2. Mrhay says:

    I’m glad we managed to get these captured. I was also thinking of purchasing some of these for Xmas from Amazon. But alas their taste is not as exquisite as yours. 😉


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