Cheesy Cure

Poppy’s mum is staying with us at the castle for a few days and this afternoon we all went off with Leftwing Idiot and some other friends to a local pub for a Christmas Fair. While we were on our way there I had a ticcing fit in a busy street.

It says a lot about how friendly the area is that, in the ten minutes the fit lasted, six or seven people asked if I was OK. Most of them were reassured by Leftwing Idiot’s response but one woman wasn’t so easily satisfied. She insisted she knew how to help and repeatedly told him to take one of my shoes off and make me smell it. A bit of googling revealed that this has long been an accepted treatment for epileptic seizures in some countries.

I’m happy to say Leftwing Idiot didn’t follow her advice.

Festive outburst
“The Christmas Tree List, it’s like Schindler’s List but for Christmas trees.”

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