Changing Rooms

Leftwing Idiot has made a big change to a room at the office where we work. It’s not because he’s suddenly developed a passion for interior design, but because I need somewhere safe to go when I’m having a ‘ticcing fit’.

Our photocopier room, previously a storage space for abandoned computers, pot plants and assorted stationery, has been transformed and it’s now a large space with soft carpeting and cushions, and no junk.

Leftwing Idiot leads our inclusion team and our boss has always made it clear that his role extends to supporting disabled staff members and volunteers as well as children and young people. The simple, low-cost changes he’s made mean it’s much easier and safer for me to work at the office now than it was before.

My boss’s only concern is that it now looks so inviting she might find other members of staff curled up there having an afternoon snooze.

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