Cool Pool

This evening, with Poppy and my friend Claire, I went to the Hydrotherapy pool at Peckham Pulse. The water in this pool is much warmer than in a standard pool and this helps loosen and ease joints and aching muscles. This is exactly what I need at the moment after my week of ticcing fits. There were lots of floats for added support, and bubble jets. Poppy held me so I could stretch out in the water and it was very relaxing.

But I did have a ticcing fit while we were swimming. Claire and Poppy, with the help of the lifeguard, quickly got me out of the water. We’d warned the lifeguard this might happen and he was helpful, not panicky, and happy to let Poppy and Claire get on with supporting me. After I’d recovered we went back into the water for a bit longer.

I hope to use this pool regularly. There is a standard pool next to it so next time I’ll swim some lengths for exercise and then relax and recover in the Hydrotherapy pool.

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