“Biscuits Are Doing It For Themselves”

A few days ago I wrote about my motto, “Changing the world one tic at a time.” I had a really good example of what this means yesterday when I called a supermarket helpline because of an incorrect delivery. Confusingly, what they hadn’t sent were the biscuits I’d ordered. I told the man on the other end of the line that I had Tourettes, but because, “Biscuit” is one of my most frequent tics, I found explaining to him what had happened with my shopping very complicated.

Half way through the call he said, ‘Do you mind me asking, but were you on TV recently, talking to Stephen Fry?’ I said yes, laughed, and said, ‘So you recognised all the biscuits?’ He went on to say that he thought what we’re doing is amazing, before sorting out the problem with my real biscuits. At the end of the call I said if he was interested he should check out this site.

I got up the next day to find a lovely message from him. This is what changing the world one tic at a time is all about.

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  1. Lauriepink says:

    The most important thing you missed out here was: What biscuits did you order? What biscuits did they bring?
    I think we deserve to know. I hope there were fruit shortcakes involved. I bloody love fruit shortcakes.

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