Chasing the Biscuit

There was a woman in the park near work today who’d lost control of her dog, a Golden Retriever, and she kept shouting its name, ‘Biscuit, Biscuit’. It was an unfortunate coincidence that, with Leftwing Idiot, I was there too, also shouting “Biscuit” in the usual way. I was concerned she might have thought I was mocking her, not ticcing.

It did make Leftwing Idiot and me laugh though. The dog took no notice of either of us.

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  1. jspershing93 says:

    This post makes me smile 🙂 What a coincidence! I was actually chasing after a dog that I found outside my house yesterday and I didn’t know her name so all I could think of was to start shouting "Cookie! Biscuit! Treat!". I immediately thought of the Tourettes Hero website! The dog’s name was Bella but she did think I had a treat so she came running my way and I gave her back to her owner 🙂

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