Sleeping It Off

I’ve spent much more time asleep than awake today because of some drugs I was given last night to stop me ticcing.

The explosive motor ticcing episodes I described on Friday carried on into yesterday. Leftwing Idiot and I agreed that if my tics went on unbroken for more than 30 minutes, and if the emergency medication I have at home failed to work, he would call an ambulance. They did go on for longer than that and the medication didn’t work, so late in the evening he called one.

We’d agreed all this in advance but I’d warned him I might disagree when it came to it and that I might ask him not to call an ambulance. In the event I knew I needed help and agreed instantly with his decision.

The team at the hospital were amazing and they were able to calm my tics down to normal levels using a combination of drugs. While we were waiting for these to take effect a nurse and medical student helped Leftwing Idiot keep me still and safe by holding me. After about an hour of this, Leftwing Idiot noticed the medical student looked uncomfortable and it turned out he’d been on his way to the loo when I came in and he’d been wanting to go to the toilet ever since, but he’d diligently stayed and held onto my wiggling body. Leftwing Idiot and the nurse stayed with me and let him go to the loo so at least one less person was wriggling.

I wasn’t the only one shouting either. An elderly man with an Irish accent in the next bay was swearing angrily at the medical staff. Each time he swore my tics echoed it back. The nurse holding my arms said he was quieter than he’d been all evening after I arrived.

Once the drugs had taken effect we came back home. The combination of the medication and the exertion of sustained ticcing meant that I haven’t been able to do very much today other than sleep it off.

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