Shopping with Attitude

Yesterday we took delivery of a new Touretteshero T-shirt and tote bag which will be on sale soon in our shop. We teamed up with the excellent and ethical THTC to produce these great items, both of which feature tic-inspired illustrations. The T-shirt has a very funny drawing based on, “Stuff my mouth with pencils,” and the bag has a beautifully strange drawing inspired by “Wrecked on the rocks in my mind.”

I have a strong memory of where I was when I ticced “Wrecked on the rocks of my mind.” I was sitting with Leftwing Idiot in his kitchen and it was very soon after I first started writing my tics down. It’s always been one of my favourites and if I’d ticced it just a week or so earlier it would never have been written down, illustrated, or turned into a fashionable bag.

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  1. GavTHTC says:

    THTC was very proud to support Tourettes Hero with this project.

    Great people and great case, thank you!

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