“Boris Johnson, Crash Bandicoot”

Yesterday afternoon London Mayor Boris Johnson visited one of the projects I work for to launch a new volunteering scheme. We have a big team of young volunteers who help run our go-kart track and we’ve got some funding from the Mayor’s office to extend this. It’ll mean we’ll be able to offer opportunities to more young people, including those with disabilities.

Boris visited during a race-night session and the place was full of young people. Very quickly it filled up with photographers, journalists and film crews as well.

I quickly established an understanding with the ITN news crew who were doing live broadcasts for ITV – the journalist would give me a five minute warning before they started broadcasting so I could get far enough away for my tics not to be audible. Although Boris didn’t seem phased by my tics he did repeat “Happy birthday” and “Biscuit” a couple of times and suggested that perhaps Tourettes was contagious.

While Boris was driving one of the go-karts I kept ticcing “Boris Johnson, Crash Bandicoot”.

Congratulations, Tourettes, on another weird combination – a Tory politician, an early 90s videogame character and motorsport.

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