My New Lair

My new lair officially became mine earlier today. I picked up the keys this afternoon and along with Bunny and Poppy headed off to let myself into my new home for the first time. We bought smoothies from a nearby café and sat on my living room floor to enjoy them. The room was glowing with autumn sunlight and we chatted about furniture arrangements. I felt instantly happy and at home.

I’m not moving in straightaway–I’m planning to stay at Leftwing Idiot’s until after he’s back and I’ve bought everything I need.

Later, Poppy described the new lair to King Russell as ‘Tourettes-friendly’. He said, ‘So it’s got squashy carpets and soft-close drawers, then?’ He was spot on.

It’ll be great to live in a place that’s so suitable for me and it’ll certainly make everything a lot easier.

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