Fighting the Fireplace

It’s Leftwing Idiot’s birthday and he’s already had three birthday meals – breakfast and tea, then dinner this evening with Poppy. While they were out I was in his flat on my own, working on the computer and enjoying a relaxing evening. I got up to get something from the other room and after only a few paces I dropped to the floor in the kitchen.

Leftwing Idiot has beautiful old fireplaces and it was one of these – and his tiled floor – that my hands hit repeatedly at full force. I was on the floor for about ten minutes before I managed to push myself into a safe sitting position. By then my wrists were bruised and swollen.

When I first got up I hadn’t put my gloves on. I’d taken them off to type and didn’t bother to put them back on because I’d thought I’d only be standing for a minute. If I had been wearing gloves, my hands wouldn’t have got damaged.

Once I’d been able to sit up, it felt safest to stay where I was rather than risk trying to go anywhere and getting into trouble again. So I sat on the floor and waited for Leftwing Idiot and Poppy to get back.

They came home about half an hour later and helped me clean and ice my hands. As soon as they got in I started to shake with shock – I felt silly and annoyed with myself that they’d come home to find me trembling and crying on the kitchen floor.

The fact is I could have taken some simple precautions to prevent these injuries. I’ve decided that when I’m moving about and I’m on my own I’ll make sure I’m properly kitted out. I’m going to put a sign up to remind me.

Alone? Getting Up? Walking?
1) Padded gloves on
2) Padded helmet on
3) Put on or pull up knee pads
4) Is your phone in your pocket?

After the ice my wrists felt better, and after a cup of tea and some time sitting round the kitchen table chatting I felt better too.

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