The Last Days of Summer

Last night, after we’d eaten more chocolate egg than I’d have thought was humanly possible, Bunny and I set off with our friend Fran to a party miles away, at Grow Heathrow. This is a community project run by environmental activists in an abandoned market garden. It’s a beautiful site, made up of rambling greenhouses and winding wild spaces, which is being brought back into use after years of neglect.

Although there were lots of people at the party it still felt very calm. The music and dance floor were in a small meadow lit with fairy lights. It was a warm night and I spent much of it hanging out and chatting by a small bonfire.

Sometimes I felt a bit irresponsible, like when I realised I was miles from home in the middle of the night or while I was thrashing around in the undergrowth after dropping down in one of the many nettle-lined paths. But I also felt very safe and well supported, both by Fran and Bunny and by complete strangers.

There was more walking about this evening when Bunny and I went with Ruth to the Thames Festival. This is one of my favourite London events, and for me it marks the end of summer. I found it difficult this year because my mobility’s much worse and we didn’t stay until the fireworks at the end – but I’m glad we went for a bit of the parade.

This has been a weekend of happy endings, both for the chocolate egg and for the summer.

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