A Dying Fish in the Bath

While I was having a shower this morning, I started ticcing intensively. For safety I always shower sitting down but the tics meant I’d slipped right down and I started what Leftwing Idiot refers to as my dying fish move. This pretty accurately describes the abrupt backwards and forwards movement of my body when I’m horizontal.

The complication of doing the dying fish in the bath is that there’s not much room, so I kept banging my head, arms and legs on the side. The overhead shower hurtling water straight into one ear didn’t help much and as the water pooled around my face I thought, ‘Uh oh!’

The whole thing was pretty distressing but eventually I managed to roll onto my back and pull myself up.

I got out as quickly as I could.

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  1. Catwings says:

    i’ve had difficulties showering due to tics in the past. Due to the intensity of said tics and another tic where i freeze completely, i’m concerned at times like these that I’ll knock myself out or be unable to move my head away and drown. Consequently if my tics are bad i will shower with the door unlocked and sometimes require actual monitoring or help, though when it gets that bad I tend not to bother showering at all as it seems the less embarrassing option.

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