The Long and Short Walk of It

I suddenly realised this afternoon that I needed to go to the bank but, although it’s only five minutes away, the prospect of walking there filled me with dread. It’s not a day when I have support at work so I had to go by myself and  inevitably I kept dropping to the ground. Unusually today I was offered some help from passers-by, one man even asking if I’d like a lift on his bike. I did get there and back successfully, but it was tricky.

In the cab on the way home from work I reflected on the day. I’ve always enjoyed walking – it’s been my favourite way of getting around since I learned how to do it. As a teenager I enjoyed going on long walks by myself, and in my mind I still do.

Now, I have to steel myself to walk anywhere. I know I’ll keep crashing to the ground but I’m never sure when, and each time it happens it’s a shock. But though the practical difficulties are certainly challenging, what I miss most is the peace, and time to think, that I used to get from this simple activity.

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