NOSI, stands for Non-Obscene Socially Inappropriate behaviour. This might be making remarks about someone’s height or weight for example. It can be a feature of Tourettes although it’s not something that’s generally a problem for me.

This evening I encountered a shopkeeper whose comments would definitely come into the NOSI category, although as far as I’m aware there was no neurological explanation and he was just being rude. On my way home I popped into a shop near the lair with Leftwing Idiot. The shopkeeper asked him, “What’s wrong with her body?” I assumed he meant my tics, but before I had a chance to respond he said, “Last year she was slimmer.”

I turned on him and snapped, “Why would you ask him that? Would you say that to any other woman who came into your shop?” He apologised repeatedly and my anger faded slightly but I left feeling upset and undermined.

Despite how unusually my body moves and the number of people who comment on it, I don’t feel particularly sensitive. What really annoyed me about what he said was that I’m sure he wouldn’t have said this to a non-disabled customer.

It wasn’t just my body being judged today. Laura sent me a text later that recounted a conversation she’d had with a colleague at work who’d told her that being pregnant was no excuse for putting on weight!

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  1. skiddas says:

    Thats seriously unbelievable… So SO ANgry right now. It’s insulting in so many ways, the fact that he didnt even say this to you directly is a sign of what a cowardly shite he is. I would name him, cowardly poopants. xx

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