New Lair

Today I bought a new lair. It’s only a few minutes away from the current one and even closer to Leftwing Idiot’s. The new place is on the ground floor, and has a garden. It was a daunting decision but one that will make a big difference to my independence, my safety, and my quality of life.

I’ve decided to let the old Lair, so in only a few weeks I’ll move out and it’ll become home to new tenants. There’s a lot to sort out in a short time, but I’m very excited and can’t wait to live in a place where I can reach all the rooms safely and where I’m a lot less likely to get stranded inside on a sunny day.

It’s a momentous occasion and as I sit and reflect on it I’m very aware of my mix of emotions. I’m:

40% excited about having an amazing new home
15% sad to leave the lair, a place where I’ve been very happy for a long time
15% relieved because soon I’ll be in a place where getting to my clothes doesn’t involve dicing with death on the stairs
10% worried about the complicated and stressful process of moving
20% hoping for a future, living in a place that’s suitable for me, which will mean I have greater independence

This move is only happening because of the support and assistance of my friends and family. I’m hoping for 100% good times with them in the new lair.

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