Staying Up and Moving Forward

This afternoon I had an Orthotics appointment that’d been brought forward because of the difficulties I’m having with walking. The orthotist was great and we spent a lot of time discussing the problems. He also called a specialist from the neuro-physio team I’ve been referred to by my consultant.

The outcome is we’re going to try some different ankle supports because the force of my tics means it’s still possible for me to roll my ankle and damage it. He’s not going to strap my knees up to limit my dropping-to-the-floor tic until the specialist team’s seen me. The risk is that if a tic is restricted, it can become more powerful or move to another part of the body.

While I understood and agreed with this decision, I felt disappointed. I’m fed up with suddenly squatting and dropping to the floor. I just want to make it stop. I know it has to be done properly and that I need to be patient and stick with the process but I’m also desperate to stay upright.

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