Hearing Biscuits

Fat Sister told me that yesterday, during her night shift at her hospital, one of the nurses was offering people biscuits. She kept saying “Biscuit?” “Biscuit?” “Biscuit?” Fat Sister started laughing because she found it so odd to hear this very familiar word without me being around.

The nurse asked why she was laughing and she explained about me and, ‘Biscuits’. Apparently this made all the nurses laugh but then they looked a bit guilty and apologised for laughing. “You don’t need to apologise,” she said, “it can be very funny.”

Fat Sister’s not the only person hearing biscuits:

My friend Hannah, who’s a fashion designer in charge of colour samples, says she thinks of me every time anyone asks for the “biscuit-coloured” sample.

Leftwing Idiot did a double take when a decorator started talking about his “biscuit tiles.”

When Poppy was working late into the night recently her colleague shouted out for a biscuit, which she found very confusing.

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