Fat Sister and King Russell have just left after popping over this evening to help me with some DIY. In the process King Russell broke my sink. My tics have claimed he’s broken lots of stuff, many times, but now he actually has.

While he was working, I hung out with Fat Sister. At one point I stood up to get something, but fell down, ticcing and twisting vigorously. She tried to help me up, but couldn’t because she kept doubling over with laughter. All she could say was, “Sorry, sorry, but it looks like some sort of wild contemporary dance.” Eventually she stopped me ticcing by collapsing on top of me in a fit of giggles.

I miss not having them here at the lair all the time.

I saw them to the door and hugged them goodbye before dropping suddenly to the floor. I stayed sitting there, as it seemed a sensible and safe place to be. As Fat Sister shut the door she said, “It feels wrong to leave you on the floor, don’t tell Leftwing Idiot, or I’ll get into trouble.”

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  1. Lady Tic-A-Lot says:

    Five Rhythms. The contemporary dance ;D x

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