The Up Side of Falling Down

After yesterday’s Change the Record festival, I stayed overnight in Bristol along with Leftwing Idiot, Poppy and our friend Ben. We headed back to London at lunchtime, the train was busy, and had an edgy vibe.

Leftwing Idiot went to see if it was possible to arrange for assistance from station staff when we arrived at Paddington. He came back and described the chaos of the other carriages – people and baggage everywhere, someone strumming on a guitar, and a small puddle of sick in a corner.

When we arrived, a mobility buggy was waiting for us at the door of our carriage. The driver was attentive and helpful, and having it made getting out of the station much easier. I’ll definitely use this service again. When the buggy started to move I got over-excited. I laughed, hissed and ticced ‘Keys!’

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