It’d been one of those standout days when I’m unusually calm and my tics are much less intense. But it didn’t last. In the afternoon my tics suddenly and dramatically intensified, and like the other day, I was stuck on the floor, unable to get up. I was at work and fortunately Leftwing Idiot was with me as my support worker. He made the area around me safe and held my head to stop it hitting filing cabinets nearby. My body moved constantly for nearly an hour, contorting and jerking uncontrollably. The sensation was intense and felt like some sort of surging shock. Eventually, with the help of some diazepam, normal ticcing levels resumed.

Later, Leftwing Idiot asked me which I’d choose if I could: ticcing steadily all day, or having one concentrated burst and being calm for the rest of the time. I couldn’t decide.

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