“Who Turned Off Gravity?”

If you read yesterday’s post you’ll have noticed my despondent mood. I felt worn out and fed up with my leg tics. After I’d written it, I decided to post on the Tourettes Action forum. I’ve responded to other people’s posts before but this is the first time I’d started off a new thread.

Once I’d submitted my post, in which I voiced my frustrations and asked for advice, I looked at it and thought, ‘Right, now what would I suggest if someone else had written this?’

This helped me think it through logically, do some research, and make a list of what I need to do. Here’s my plan:

– Call the orthotics team and see if my appointment in August can be moved forward
– Call Southwark social care team and get a needs assessment
– Send Leftwing Idiot information on Southwark Carers
– Find out if Access to Work would be able to fund additional support worker hours

I also spoke to a friend on the Tourettes Action helpline and she suggested another local organisation that might be able to help.

This evening at Leftwing Idiot’s I suddenly dropped to the floor, and while I was there I ticced, “Who turned gravity off?”

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