“Ninjas Wobble but they Don’t Fall Down”

Leftwing Idiot came round to the lair and Belle, who’s staying with me, cooked an amazing dinner.

Later, I went upstairs with Leftwing Idiot to get something. I’ve hardly been upstairs for weeks and he asked, “While we’re up here is there anything else you need?” I sat on the bed thinking about what to take downstairs while I had the opportunity.

We started to talk about the difficulties I’m having getting around and how I’m approaching them. Leftwing Idiot told me how frustrated he sometimes feels that I don’t prioritise doing things that would help me deal with these difficulties, like getting on with selling the lair, or sorting out a regular food delivery.

I cried, but it was more out of exasperation than sadness. We went back downstairs, had a bit of chocolate and chatted to Belle.

As I write this I realise on a positive note that I didn’t over-react. Although having Tourettes is basically constant, different aspects of it shift unpredictably and have more or less impact on my life.

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