Buying Time

I went on a massive shopping trip today. There was loads of stuff I needed for the wedding, for the lair, and more generally just for life. I’m finding it hard to move around by myself so I’d put off going for ages. Leftwing Idiot came with me, which made it much easier. Amongst my purchases were:

Some new high top trainers, which I can fit my ankle splints inside

Some great colourful plastic plates

Some new jeans to replace the ones I destroyed by dropping to the floor

Presents for the next two months worth of friends’ birthdays (This means I won’t need to go shopping in town for a while, but I will struggle to keep what I’ve got them a surprise.

At one point Leftwing Idiot went back into a shop to pick something up that I’d bought earlier. The woman serving asked if I was all right. He said yes and explained that I have a neurological condition called Tourettes. She said it was great that I was able to do my own shopping. Leftwing Idiot said that I also had a good job and this had apparently impressed her. Clarifying, she said, “So she’s just got a bit of a mental problem then?”

Leftwing Idiot gave up trying to explain and just said ‘Yes.’

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