The squatting or dropping-to-the-floor tic I mentioned last week is happening more often and I’m finding it much harder to get around. It’s left me feeling stranded and frustrated.

I know that however tricky tics are, once I get used to them it gets easier and I find ways of living with them. I’m taking some practical steps to limit the risks from this one, including sleeping downstairs and wearing kneepads.

The kneepads are not just to protect me – they also protect my clothes. I’m wearing them over my jeans because I’ve destroyed two pairs this week already.

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  1. Catwings says:

    I’m considering investing in knee pads and elbow pads at the moment – I have a tic which involves both knees and both elbows hitting the floor at the same time. the more I do it, the better I am at getting the feeling right, but it doesn’t stop the damage.

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