I had a physio appointment this morning. My ankle is getting much stronger and less painful but I’m still wearing the protective boot. The main problem is that the leg tic responsible for this injury persists.

The physiotherapist is brilliant. She hasn’t treated anyone with tics before but is really thoughtful in her approach to me. I had an extra long session today so she could properly assess my walking. It’s chaotic and unpredictable so she’s referred me to the hospital’s orthotic team to see if they can help by providing a brace or support that restricts the movement of my tics.

I also talked to the physio about habit reversal therapy (HRT). She took an interest and thought a similar approach might help with my leg tics. She suggested practicing doing the same tic movement slowly and in the opposite direction. This will help build up the opposing muscles as well as help me develop more control over how they move.

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