What’s the meaning of Bosca?

A new tic has established itself over the last few days. It’s not a real word, which as I’ve explained before, is unusual.

It sounds expressive though, and it ought to have a specific meaning, but I’ve ticced it in loads of contexts:

– when the bin bag split: “Bosca, Bosca Bosca!”
– when Leftwing Idiot made a cake: “That’s so Bosca.”
– when King Russell made a rude joke: “Don’t be a Bosca.”

A Google search shows BOSCA is the acronym for the British Oil Spill Control Association, the name of a luxury leather company, and a stove retailer.

Bosca would also be a great name for a dubstep DJ, along with Benga, Rusko, and Caspa, which are already taken.

Fundamentally Bosca is still undefined and the question remains: What is Bosca?

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