“Nightmare on Mum Street”

I’ve been at my parents’ for Mothers’ Day and my Gran was there too. I’ve always been very close to her and she looked after me when I was younger. I haven’t seen her recently and I was worried that the current intensity of my tics would shock her, but she seemed unworried and was pleased to see me.

Last year when we went together to visit her sisters in Blackpool I thought I should talk to her in more detail about Tourettes, because no one had ever fully explained it to her before. But when I started she just said, “You don’t need to tell me about you. I know you and understand.”

I had a lovely afternoon hanging out with my family but it didn’t end too well. Shortly before we left I mistakenly asked my mum where a particular photo was. She started rummaging in various boxes, but as time was running out I said it didn’t matter and started putting things back in the boxes. My mum snapped at me and told me she’d do it. I overreacted to this, bit myself, threw my phone on the floor, and punched King Russell.

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