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While working on my laptop on Thursday I ticced and head-butted it. The bridge of my nose hit the edge of the screen and it was incredibly painful. I felt a massive lump come up almost instantly but thankfully Leftwing … read more

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“I Do”

It’s royal wedding day and my tics were on hand in case anyone forgot:

“Do you Sugar Tits, take you Biscuit Barrel to bunk bed share with a lesbian?”
“Do you Sheepdog take you Biscuit to be a biscuit, now … read more

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Big Secrets Become Good News

I went for a drink with Laura and Emma this evening. Laura is pregnant. I’ve known this for a while but it’s been too early to tell anyone else and I’ve been struggling to keep it a secret and not … read more

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Glove Lines

A weekend outdoors + sunshine + padded gloves = tan lines on my wrists.… read more

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Shout On, Zen Out

A woman started screaming at me in the Post Office this afternoon. I explained I had Tourettes but she carried on shouting at me to stop swearing.

I felt upset for a moment before realising there was nothing more I … read more

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Hag Do Day 4 - Recipe for Sleep

On Saturday morning Leftwing Idiot reported that my longest tic-free period in the night was fifteen minutes. Sharing a tipi with other people and disturbing their sleep had been my biggest worry about the weekend, but over the last few … read more

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Hag Do Day 3 - Duck Off

After a lazy start to the morning we headed to Bude beach. It was a gorgeous clear day and I wanted to get my feet in the sea. I took my massive boot off and had a short, cold paddle. … read more

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Hag Do Day 2 - A Boska Day and an Awesome Speech

I stepped out of the tipi this morning into the beautiful, green clearing. People were already up and preparing for the day. Brother Olly and Leftwing Idiot were organising a delicious cooked breakfast for everyone. King Russell’s brother Carl was … read more

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Hag Do Day 1 - Travelling and Tipis

This morning I woke up with the early-morning sun flooding through the window of Leftwing Idiot’s spare room. I felt full of anticipation as I walked back to the lair with him and Poppy.

Lots of our other friends were … read more

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Talking to Plants

Fat Sister and King Russell are having a joint hen and stag do which has become known as the ‘hag do’. Twenty-five of us are going to Cornwall tomorrow for four days to stay in Tipis at a beautiful campsite.… read more

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