Project Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day, or as I declared earlier, “Happy Complicated Love Lives Day”

I’m ticcing a lot about love at the moment:

“I love you.”
“I love sheepdogs.”
“I love you shaded donkey.”

Sadly love isn’t really the thing on my mind today. There are lots of people celebrating romance this evening, but there are also lots of others campaigning to prevent heartbreak.

As I’ve mentioned before, today was due to be the end of the government’s clumsy consultation on the reform of disability benefits, but it’s been extended by a few days and will now end on a less poignant date. The consultation proposes replacing Disability Living Allowance (DLA) with a more complex system that would see many people losing the small grants they get that make huge differences to their lives.

Disabled people from all over the UK marked today by contributing to #ProjV. This is a Twitter hashtag dedicated to highlighting the positive impact of the DLA. Many people without disabilities also showed their solidarity. In less that 140 characters, each tweet powerfully demonstrates the importance of DLA. Here is a selection:

@beccaviola Roses are red, corpses are grey. My continued survival requires #DLA. #projV

@badgerbrocks just after his 30th bd a vein in my sons head popped he had an aneurysm it can happen to anyone loss of #dla will trap him in c home #projv

@Ruqiera #DLA Mobility does not just mean transport. Mobility, to us, often means the ability to get out of bed and out of your room. #Projv

@incurablehippie #ProjV #spoonie Before #DLA I couldn’t afford sanitary towels or shampoo because of paying for the extra costs of my impairments #ProjV

@HovellingHermit Illness took my ability to work. The press attacks on the disabled took my dignity. If the Govt. cuts #DLA, its also takes my life. #projv

@YarnySue Without DLA my child’s life would be restricted to where I can push the wheelchair – it pays for taxis when needed. #DLA #ProjV

@funkyfairy22 DLA enables me to work. It also enables me to play a full and active role as a father. #ProjV

@Minerva69 @BrokenOfBritain #DLA means my hubby doesn’t have to be alone when depressed or suicidal with Bi-polar. DLA = living. #ProjV #carers #mhuk

@touretteshero I have #Tourettes, #DLA pays for taxis so I can travel safely without humiliation or abuse. #ProjV

@severincat If my #DLA lifeline’s removed, I’ll be making that trip to Dignitas sooner than I’d intended. Not hyperbole, just fact. #MS #TBofB #ProjV

@violet_high #projv I’m facing a future in which disability will inevitably feature. When that time comes, I hope I will not be abandoned by my country.

@rfktruth My loved one’s DLA gives him some independence and dignity, as if the world is saying he deserves to be. #ProjV

@KimbellyBull I miss my job, I miss my friends, I miss being able to leave the house without help, but I will miss my #DLA even more as it = LIFE #ProjV

I’ll leave the last word to @NinaGleams:

#ProjV has been upsetting, interesting, depressing and honest. I hope it’s achieved something today #dla

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  1. Debbie says:

    Just got Joe’s renewal form through today and am worried about what the outcome will be. DLA provides us with the support, security and comfort we need to help joe’s life with tourette’s just a little bit easier. through his love and passion for playing music, the money helps for his lessons and instruments and when he plays he is ‘free’; when his eyes are ticcing overtime, it helped pay for the laptop he can use to magnify the text for reading and make homework easier when his handwriting fails him; when I’m up for hours on end soothing him until he finally stops ticcing/fretting and falls asleep, sometimes in the early hours of the morning, I realise how much it helps lift the burden financially and that i’m able to work part-time and be home with joe when he needs me. if we don’t get dla again, well, saying it will be hard will be an understatement.

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