Fry Day

This morning I was interviewed by Stephen Fry as part of a TV series he’s making, called Planet Word. He’s exploring language in all its shapes and forms. Tourettes gives me an unusual relationship with words because when I tic, I use them without any intention of communicating anything, and that’s what interested him.

We met at the South London Gallery, which isn’t far from the lair. I showed him a selection of the tic-inspired artwork. He asked thoughtful questions about Tourettes and my experience of living with it. The conversation felt natural and it was interesting discussing the creative and comic qualities of tics with him.

One of the pictures we discussed was by a young artist who’d been excluded from mainstream education and had got involved with the project though his art teacher at a Pupil Referral Unit. We took photos of Stephen with his work and sent them to the school. His teacher said that everyone was talking about it and that it had given him a massive boost in confidence.

Stephen didn’t seem distracted by my tics although he did laugh at some of the interruptions, particularly, “I love cum.” He also seemed to enjoy, “Whisky tits.”

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