There’s Somebody at the Door

This morning I was enjoying a relaxing start to the day, when the doorbell rang:

Ring 1. It was a courier with a letter for Fat Sister. He looked flustered and awkward, as I jerked about. I signed for the letter and he went on his way.

Moments later the doorbell went again:

Ring 2. This time it was a political campaigner with a clipboard, canvassing for the coming by-election. I listened attentively while shouting, “Yay! Sheepdogs.” He didn’t try to secure my vote for long.

I hadn’t even sat down when it rang again:

Ring 3. This time it was two people from a local church, offering me individual bible study sessions. They looked very relieved when I didn’t take them up on their offer.

Unsolicited visits like this are unusual for us. But I suspect it was more of a surprise for the people ringing our bell. There can’t be women shouting about biscuits behind many doors.

The doorbell rang again.

Ring 4. This time I was greeted warmly by our regular postman. He knows exactly what to expect and was smiling and friendly as he handed me a parcel.

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