Desert Island Tics

This evening Screechy met Squawky when I recorded Desert Island Tics with Screechy Badman, a radio show host who broadcasts on The Source FM.

We chatted about the effect of different music and sounds on my tics and I chose eight tracks to be cast away with. I ticced along, creating alternative lyrics.

Tic highlights include:
“Just talk straight into the head of a biscuit.”
“If you’re happy and you know it clap a lesbian on the back.”
“Kum buy a shepherd a waistcoat. Oh frisky dog, kum buy sheep.”
“Someone’s being barren my lord Kum ba yah.”
“Kum buy Bangladesh a hanky my lord.”
“I’m an auto-suggestible shepherdess.”
“Some people think I’m bonkers, I just think I’m Leonard Cohen.”
“I’m a free-running ladybird.”
“I might be a little bit strange but I’m not Morgan Freeman.”
“Vanilla iced a biscuit.”

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