Lesson Learnt

Back in October I described how I’d injured my thumb with my chest-banging tic and how Fat Sister, who’s a doctor, had told me to go and get it x-rayed. I didn’t do it, mainly because I was worried about wasting the hospital’s time, and also because I was a bit embarrassed that I’d hurt myself in this way. So the lump is still there. It’s not painful but it’s very obvious and I keep noticing it. I’ve just shown it to Fat Sister again.

She looked at it and said in an exasperated tone, “You clearly broke your thumb – I told you to get it x-rayed and it’s too late now to sort it out.” She went on, “If I tell you to do something like that again, will you please do it? I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t think it was necessary.” I told her I would.
Lesson learnt.

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