Dopey, Sleepy or Just Sneezy?

A couple of days ago I started a course of medication for Tourettes, but now I’m faced with the tricky decision about whether to go on with it. It’s a drug I’d been on a couple of years ago but I gave it up when it stopped working.

My doctor thought it was worth trying again, and that it might work better now I’ve had a break from it. We agreed that I should take it for a few days, stop for a few days, and then start again. The idea was that this pattern might help make the drug work better and reduce the side effects.

The reason I’m having second thoughts now is that I’ve been struggling since I started it. I’ve felt exhausted, it’s been hard to focus, I’ve had to fight to keep my eyes open and I’ve suddenly felt sick a few times.

Of course, I might just be a bit unwell, for reasons completely unrelated to the medication. Even so, I reckon I won’t take tonight’s dose and I’ll see how I feel tomorrow.

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