I went to an exhibition about art and movement at the Hayward Gallery with Poppy this afternoon. The name of the exhibition had caught my attention – Move: Choreographing You – and I was intrigued because that’s exactly what Tourettes does: it choreographs me. The exhibition was interactive and was made up of installations encouraging different types of movement.

Sometimes I find going to galleries tricky because my tics stand out in what’s usually a quiet and restrained environment, but this time my movement disorder related directly to the exhibition’s theme and I felt completely comfortable. .

Afterwards Poppy and I headed to Leftwing Idiot’s flat where we had some dinner and watched Wall-E. If the Hayward’s exhibition curators had been looking for something to trigger unusual movements in me, showing me a kids’ film like this would’ve been a good way to do it.

My tics were exacerbated by the excitement in the same way as when I watched a horror film some time ago. I almost gave up on Wall-E because I was finding it too much, but Leftwing Idiot turned the sound down a little and I moved further away from the screen. This made it just about possible for me to handle the suspense and ‘mild peril’ of this U rated film.

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