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Paxman’s At It Too…

Newsnight anchorman Jeremy Paxman followed in the footsteps of Radio Four presenter Jim Naughtie tonight. I wrote about Naughtie’s slip of the tongue a while back, when instead of saying ‘Hunt’ he said ‘cunt’. Tonight, live on BBC 2, Paxman … read more

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Loving Tourettes

I often come across comments about Tourettes online like:

“Why do people with Tourettes Syndrome say only bad things?”


“Why don’t you get any cases of nice Tourettes?”

Well, my newest tic clearly shows that Tourettes can be nice: … read more

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Catching AIDS

This afternoon I met up with some friends of Keir’s – Ash and his girlfriend Becca. Ash has Tourettes and before today he’d not met anyone else with the condition.

We had a great afternoon hanging out on the South … read more

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To Tweet or Not to Tweet

While I was on a train this afternoon I started looking at Twitter on my phone. Out of interest I did a search for ‘Tourettes’ and found that someone had just tweeted about a woman shouting ‘Biscuit’ and ‘Happy Christmas’ … read more

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Biology for Breakfast

Early this morning my mum arrived at the lair to drop off something. Over breakfast Fat Sister, who’s getting married later this year, started discussing plans for the flooring in their new home. Despite being an architect our dad’s reluctant … read more

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Driven to a Stop

Fat Sister normally shows no sign that she comes from a gene pool enriched by Tourettes except when she’s really excited. Then she claps and flaps uncontrollably, a bit like a performing seal.

She’s just let slip that she had … read more

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Missed Chance to Change Minds

There’s a basketball court in the middle of the housing estate where my office is, and as usual when I left work tonight a group of children were playing there. As I passed them on the way to my cab, … read more

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“The Lesbians are Making a Meccano Set”

This afternoon I went with Leftwing Idiot to a protest, organised by the group Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC). It took place outside the headquarters of ATOS, the company which is set to make a lot of … read more

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Finding and Feeling a Difference

On Friday I had my second appointment for Habit Reversal Therapy. During the session the therapist said he thought the muscle groups involved in my tics have got stuck with only two settings: relaxed (not in use at all), … read more

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Bloody Thumbday

Laura and I were watching a scary film and as usual my tics increased during the exciting bits. At one point, my arms bent, stretched and flapped about chaotically and finally I thumbed myself in the eye. Laura paused the … read more

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