O2 Line 3

Tonight I went to see Shakira at the O2 Arena with Laura, Emma and her sister Lucy. The venue has a policy of removing the tops from all bottles inside the venue. They do this to make them less likely to hurt someone if they get thrown. But for me this means I’m more likely to tip drink all over myself because of my tics, so I asked one of the bar staff if I could keep my lid. He looked terrified and said, “I’ll ask my manager.”

After they’d had a short conversation his manager came over and I explained again why I needed to keep it.

Manager 1: I’ll have to go and speak to my manager.
Manager 2: The rules say we can’t give you a lid.
TH: There are also rules that say you have to make reasonable adjustments if someone has a disability.
Manager 2: That’s why I’m not going to say no, but I’ll go and ask my line manager.
Manager 3: We’ll give you one lid but that’s all.

Fortunately for Shakira she didn’t make me want to throw my lethal bottle of water at her.

Advent Outburst #20
“I have a no dog policy at Christmas.”

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