Heroes Turn Out

The world has been saved. Despite heavy snow, more than forty young heroes and their families made it for the first Touretteshero Superhero Party. The amazing Touretteshero support team provided a warm welcome and helped the children transform themselves into their superhero identities.

The Bureaucrat was there too. He’d been infected by the dull wave and had become very serious, boring and fussy. Thankfully the young heroes, after making their costumes, designing logos and sharpening up their powers, generated enough energy to free him.

We played lots of games including pin the smile on the Bureaucrat and enjoyed a super-food feast. After we’d eaten we got on with the very important superheroes’ parade.

Today’s event was overflowing with creativity, imagination and playfulness. This meant that together we were able to overcome the dreaded dull-wave and save the Bureaucrat, and the world, from gruesome greyness, just in the nick of time.

Advent Outburst #18
“Buck up Christmas tree!”

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