Train Chatting Chain

I was travelling back on the Tube with Annie after we’d been to buy some fabric for the Superhero party next week. While we were chatting I’d noticed the man opposite smiling at me a number of times. Shortly after Annie got out he struck up a conversation with me.

I’m ticcing a lot about biscuits at the moment and he suggested I should carry some with me. This led to a funny conversation about how tricky it’d be if I had to carry around everything I ticced about. He pointed out the challenge of getting about with several squirrels in tow. He reckoned a donkey would come in handy for carrying my bags but neither of us was sure how it would manage on the escalator. He got off at the next stop and wished me well.

During our conversation I’d mentioned where I was going. I was about to get off when the woman who’d taken Annie’s seat suggested I stay on until the next stop, as it was even closer. We got talking and she walked with me to where I needed to go.

This journey felt like a friendliness relay, with each nice conversation taking over from the one before.

Advent Outburst #10

“Do they know it’s Christmas in Kettering?”

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