This Fish Is Reversing

My friend Keir has made a brilliant tic-inspired video with his mate Chris. They chose a selection of my tics and made a short clip for each. The result is very funny and in parts strangely beautiful.

When I was on the train to Manchester last Saturday several people tweeted about being in a carriage with me. I responded and this is how the exchange unfolded:

@Abi_Macc: On train with genuine Tourettes person in same carriage. Everyone around nobly studious in their scrutiny of on-board reading material.

@Abi_Macc: Have solemnly promised not to swear on Twitter so here’s the edited highlights: ‘Biscuit’, ‘I’m a baby’, ‘Donkey’. What an affliction.

@touretteshero: It’s also a gift. Check out my #dailyoutburst for more.

@Abi_Macc: Thanks I will check it out! Not sure if I was quoting you (virgin train to manc). If I was hope no offence caused or taken.

@touretteshero: None at all. See what happens when the tics come to life

@Abi_Macc: This is amazing. Not affliction, creativity – do you mind if we live remix the vimeo into one-day installation at #playspace on identity?

I’ve thought about this exchange over the last few days and how the combination of Twitter and Tourettes makes interactions like this possible.
Abi’s view of Tourettes went from ‘Affliction’ to ‘Amazing’ with one watch of Chris and Keir’s video.

Advent Outburst #8
“But a dog’s not Christmas.”

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