It’s the first of December and the countdown to Christmas has begun, so naturally I’m thinking about Easter. The reason for this is that today is the day Leftwing Idiot’s 4.5kg Easter egg reaches its ‘sell by’ date.

The egg appeared a couple of years ago in a petrol station in Peckham just as the recession was kicking in. It was priced at £100. He watched with amusement as it sat on the shelf for months. Eventually, when the price was slashed to a mere £25, he bought it and became the proud owner of a massive chocolate egg that’s the size of a three year old. Ever since it’s arrival in his living room I’ve frequently ticced, “Don’t kick the egg”.

I’m hoping that I might actually get to kick it soon because Leftwing Idiot’s been talking about holding an egg party to which everyone who’s expressed an interest in breaking or eating the egg will be invited so they can share in its demise.

Advent Outburst #1
“There’s a Christmas tree counting down the minutes to my death”

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