Ticcing By

I was in town this afternoon with Leftwing Idiot. We’d just walked past a homeless man when he threw his lighter at us angrily. We turned back and Leftwing Idiot asked him what the problem was. He swore at us and told us to walk on. We didn’t. Leftwing Idiot asked if he wanted his lighter back, he paused for a moment and said he did. While Leftwing Idiot went to get it I said, “If you heard me swear it wouldn’t have been at you, it’s because I’ve got Tourettes.” His body language softened and he reached out his hand and said, “I understand, I’m sorry.” Leftwing Idiot gave him back his lighter, they shook hands and wished each other well.

Yesterday I described how I felt judged by other people. What happened today reminded me how sometimes other people will feel judged by me because of the things I say or do which they don’t realise are tics and are beyond my control.

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