“Runner, runner, runner, runner, runny bean.”

I haven’t yet fully solved my sleep problems and for the last few days it’s been a struggle to get to sleep and stay asleep. To wear myself and my tics out I’ve decided to increase the amount of exercise I take. This morning, despite the miserable weather, I joined Leftwing Idiot on his Sunday run round Peckham Rye Park.

Neither of us was sure how it would go, because at the moment my tics are interfering with how I’m walking, let alone running. It was hard work, but my tics responded well to concentrating on the rhythmic movement. I dropped to the ground once, and my running style was unconventional and noisy but Leftwing Idiot said that the other joggers would think it was some trendy new exercise craze.

I did feel calmer afterwards and I’m hoping it’ll be easier to sleep tonight.

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