No, I’m a Baby

This evening I looked after my friend Gurpreet’s son Owain. Gurpreet was working late so I picked Owain up from the childminder, took him home and hung out with him for a couple of hours. I was a bit worried about how I’d manage because although I look after kids all the time, there’s usually someone else around if I’m ticcing a lot and need help.

We were fine. Owain is familiar with Tourettes and it was nice spending time with him. He enjoys my tics a lot and I hadn’t even had a chance to say hello before he’d squeaked and banged his chest in anticipation.

Later, while we were watching Thomas the Tank Engine together and eating toast, we had a long, ‘I’m a baby’ competition with each of us claiming to be the real baby. Owain loved this and it made us both laugh.

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