“Kick Your Love Life In The Backside.”

I’ve had a busy day travelling across the city to meet up with various friends. I had dinner by the river and went to Ollie and Karen’s post-wedding party. It’s been a fun day shared with lots of different people.

For a good part of it I was with Leftwing Idiot. While we were walking along the river he started to rib me about fancying someone or other. As the conversation went on I told him that I sometimes feel lonely.

This clearly stayed on his mind as he came back to it again later. I explained that although I’m generally pretty happy, I sometimes miss not having a romantic interest. Although I don’t think I’m single because I have Tourettes, I do think a man might need a bit of vision to find someone sexy who shouts ‘Squirrel’ and thumps herself.

I know that feeling lonely is quite a common experience. For lots of people, including me, it isn’t something that’s constant or crushing, but I’m mindful that there are many others for whom it’s a much bigger problem.

Perhaps I’m just a sweary Bridget Jones and it’ll all have a Hollywood ending. Either way I know I’m lucky to have the friends I’ve got.

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