Over the Moon at Under the Arches

I went to Birmingham early this morning to help out at Under the Arches, a launch event organised by some friends who’ve started an organisation called Access Events. They’re going to host creative events for people with and without disabilities.

Under the Arches was their first one-day festival. There was a lot going on: workshops, live performances, DJs, and a stunning array of cakes at teatime. I was photographing the event and had a great day.

I met loads of lovely new people and caught up with many old friends, including a young woman with learning disabilities who I used to work with years ago. When I first knew her, my tics were less severe and not as visible as they are now. I was unsure how she’d respond to them and a bit worried she might find my behaviour overwhelming. I needn’t have worried though, she was utterly cool and seemed excited that I now had, “Special needs”. She loves funny voices and particularly enjoyed “I’m a baby.”

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